Friday, November 23, 2012

Share Your Empowering Street Harassment Story

Here's a note from Holly Kearl, Founder of Stop Street Harassment:

Have you ever shut up or confused a street harasser, gotten an apology from one, or successfully reported one? Then I want to hear your story! Please fill out the form below.

Your story may be included in a forthcoming book featuring 50 empowering stories about stopping a street harasser.

Please email a photo of yourself (any kind, but please send the highest resolution you have) to go along with the story and send it to

Please fill out the form and send your photo by Dec. 15, 2012.


Background: In 2010, I wrote the book Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places Safe and Welcoming for Women (Praeger Publisher) and have given 75 talks since then. People are always drawn to the handful of empowering stories I share about responding to street harassers and I think there is an audience out there eager to read book full of fun, encouraging, and entertaining stories.

I have a lot of great stories already, but I think readers will relate better to the stories if they have photos of the authors, and I don't have many stories with photos. So that's where you can help by sharing your stories and sending your photo. (To get an idea of what I envision, see this book and how it has fun, short stories, one per page, accompanied by a photo.)

The end of my proposed book will also highlight various innovative and creative anti-street harassment campaigns and projects worldwide for people who want ideas for what they can do in their community.

Thank You,
Holly Kearl, Founder of Stop Street Harassment

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